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OnDefend Celebrates Second Consecutive Year as One of the Fastest Growing Company on the First Coast
September 25, 2023

For more than 25 years, the Jacksonville Business Journal has identified the fastest growing companies on the First Coast.

OnDefend Newsletter: September Edition
September 11, 2023

An all in one guide to the latest cyber news and developments.

Visualizing the Power of BlindSPOT
September 8, 2023

Trust but verify your security tools are working through BlindSPOT.

2023 Tech Leaders: Ben Finke of OnDefend
August 30, 2023

OnDefend Co-Founder/CTO Ben Finke selected as one of the 2023 Jacksonville tech leaders of the year.

OnDefend Newsletter: Summer Edition
July 29, 2023

An all in one guide to what innovations and achievements are being made at OnDefend

Becoming an Ethical Hacker
July 27, 2023 By Ryan Tucker- OnDefend Senior Tradecraft Engineer – OSCP CRTO

How does someone become an ethical hacker?  Let’s start by saying that almost everyone has a different story.

Cybersecurity budgets are increasing, yet CISO’s are still not invited to the boardroom.
July 12, 2023 By Lauren Verno, Vice President of Communications

A new report reveals less than a quarter of CISO’s are participating in business strategy and decision-making processes.

An Introduction to Threat-Hunting
June 22, 2023 By Joe Brinkley, OnDefend Resident Hacker

Threat-hunting is a proactive method of identifying and mitigating potential cyber threats that may have circumvented traditional security measures.

Understanding Network Penetration Testing: Its Significance, Requirement, and Compliance
June 9, 2023 By Billy Steeghs, OnDefend COO

Network Penetration Testing, commonly known as "PenTesting" is a bit like a fire drill for cyber-attacks, allowing organizations to identify and fix weaknesses before real hackers find them.

Best Practices for Navigating Transitions to the Cloud Environment
June 8, 2023 By RANE Staff

As many companies increasingly turn to cloud providers to store proprietary and consumer data, these services are becoming attractive targets for threat actors.


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