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Cloning vs. Hacking: How to spot the difference when you are targeted
May 05, 2022

We need control over how our data is used.

OnDefend and ACI Learning Announce Promotional Agreement
June 06, 2021 By ACI Learning

We need control over how our data is used. Thanks to California, there’s a promising new path.

Jacksonville companies on alert after latest string of cyber attacks
June 06, 2021 By News4Jax

This follows a warning from the White House urging all companies to take steps and defend against ransomware attacks.

Don’t get hooked: How to spot a phishing email
November 11, 2020 By Lauren Verno

Security experts explain what to keep an eye out for so you don’t become a victim.

OnDefend extends reach through partnership with Modis
June 06, 2020 By Business Journals

The two companies will be offering security services to Modis' clients throughout the U.S.

I-TEAM: Don’t be held hostage by a cyber hacker
July 07, 2019 By News4Jax

Lake City, Riviera Beach pay thousands in ransoms to get data back


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