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Breach & Attack Simulation

Simulate ransomware, supply chain and other cyber-attacks to expose your client’s security control “blind spots”.


Foolproof Phishing Defense

Phishing attacks made obvious, so employees don’t make mistakes and security teams don’t lose productivity.

Security Services

Seasoned Security Team

Leverage our team to optimize your security operations, validate your defenses, and meet consulting needs.

Empowering Our Partners

Meet Security Demands Through Our Innovations

Add Attack Simulation Capability

Companies are seeking attack simulations and purple teaming as a service to test and validate their security control assumptions.

Scale Your Purple Team Offering

Purple teaming is labor intensive and almost impossible to provide as a monthly managed service at a price customers can afford.

Validate Your MSSP SOC Alerts

Many MSSP’s have no way to test their alerting and response capability on a daily basis and demonstrate this validation to their clients.

Solve Your Clients Phishing Problem

Despite having email gateways and employee training, 20% of employees still fall victim to real-world phishing attacks.

Recurring Purple Teaming Exercises

BlindSPOT automates end-to-end testing of MSSP alerting assumptions across all of their clients on a daily basis to ensure they can respond immediately to attacks.

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Your Partner in Security

Our mission is to expand your capabilities to meet market demand, so you can secure our world.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We solve problems through innovation to make your business more competitive and valuable to your customers.

Create New Revenue Streams

Our solutions help you realize your revenue potential and grow new recurring revenue streams.

We Help You Compete

We help you stand out from the competition, win new business and meet market demand.

We Refer Clients to You

OnDefend is a channel-only firm so we pass business inquiries on to our partners.

Secure Our World

Solving Your Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges

Do My Security
Controls Work?

Will My MSSP
Detect & Respond?

Does My Blue Team
Practice Enough?

Can Employees
Identify Phishing?

Chris Freedman

Security providers who deliver new and cutting-edge solutions to solve their clients’ problems are winning the hearts and minds of their customers and the battle for marketshare.

Chris Freedman

Chief Executive Officer

Our Partner

Our Partners

Our proprietary solutions are designed to help security providers enable and scale their service offerings:

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Security Consulting Firms

We help information security consulting firms expand their technical capabilities and meet market demand through our innovative products and private-labeled security force.

Managed Security Providers

Our next generation security solutions help MSSP’s validate their alerts, optimize their operations and expand their offering to stand out from their competition.

Incident Response Services

OnDefend technologies empower incident response providers to provide value after remediation so they can help prevent future cyber breaches.

Value-Added Resellers

Whether it’s our cutting-edge products or ability to support VAR service lines through our private-labeled security force, we help VAR’s scale their offerings and revenue potential.

  • Add Simulation Capability
  • Make Purple Teaming Scalable
  • Optimize your security team
  • Extend your bench strength
  • Win New Clients
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  • Validate SOC/SIEM Alerts
  • Offer Attack Simulations 
  • Reduce Phishing Risk
  • Demonstrate Your Value
  • Win New Clients
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  • Confirm Remediation Success
  • Offer Attack Simulations
  • Add/Extend Security Services
  • Stand out from Competition
  • Win New Clients
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  • Add Simulations to Offering 
  • Stand out from Competition
  • Enable Your MSSP Services  
  • Sell More Security Tools 
  • Add Recurring Revenue Streams  
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Super-Charge Your Business.

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