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A Solution Designed to Test Your Defenses in Depth

We safely simulate ransomware attacks using our proprietary BlindSPOT attack simulation tool to test and validate that your defense in depth is prepared for real-world threats.

Email Gateway

We prove your email gateway is preventing malicious phishing attacks.

Threat Detection

We verify your tools can detect real-world cyber attack activity.

Threat Response

We confirm your monitoring team will effectively respond to an incident.


How It Works

Email Gateway Validation

We simulate ransomware phishing emails to demonstrate whether your security measures will block malicious attacks from reaching your employees' email inboxes.

Endpoint Security Validation

We safely simulate ransomware attacks on your live network to confirm the strength of your endpoint security measures.

Monitoring Response Validation

We test and measure your team or third-party MSSP's response time to real-world ransomware incidents for optimal readiness.

Our Partner

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Demonstrate ransomware preparedness to your stakeholders.
Validate your security controls effectiveness.
Justify your defensive investments by proving their impact.
Prove the need for additional defensive budget.
Our mission
Ensure the effectiveness of your defensive security investments for those critical moments.

Ransomware Defense Validation offers tangible proof that your comprehensive defenses successfully protect your organization against real ransomware threats.

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Customer Success: Ransomware & Healthcare

Discover how a CISO for a major hospital system needed visibility into the effectiveness of their security controls, BlindSPOT, OnDefend's breach and attack simulation solution, was able to provide visibility, validation, and clear results.

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