Become a Provider Partner

Partner with us to secure your clients future with our best-in-class services and solutions.

Become a Provider Partner

Partner with us to secure your clients future with our best-in-class services and solutions.

Referral Partner

Referral Partner

Certain channel partners prefer to offer information security services through the OnDefend brand as a Trusted Cyber Security Partner. Here OnDefend engages the channel partner’s client directly and builds the channel partner’s required commission/profit split into the price.

Certain IT providers or consultant channel partners prefer to review and/or present testing and consulting deliverables to the client. For these channel partners, OnDefend provides these materials in a secure portal.

Additionally, OnDefend works with its channel partners to map all testing and consulting findings to their services and solutions offerings to drive additional revenue to the channel partner.

Private-Labeled Partner

Certain Channel partners seek to offer information security services directly to their customers utilizing OnDefend as a private-labeled contractor.

How it Works

OnDefend provides the channel partner with a project scoping questionnaire.

The channel partner identifies a client security testing or consulting project.

The channel partner completes the form with their client and returns it to OnDefend.

OnDefend provides a project quote or scope of work to the channel partner.

Channel partner marks up OnDefend’s cost and provides quote/SOW to their client.

OnDefend provides all agreed upon testing and/or consulting services.

OnDefend provides unbranded report, which the channel partner can brand.

Channel partner presents findings to the client.


The OnDefend Advantage

OnDefend understands that organizations today need a Security Partner, not just another security service provider. This is why OnDefend prides itself on only working with the best talent in the industry and providing its clients with unparalleled results that will help them mature their security posture.

OnDefend is well equipped to handle the challenge of meeting clients’ security needs due to extensive experience in cyber security, combined with commitment to client success.

Here we’ve highlighted why enterprises choose OnDefend to protect their business:

Best-in-class Talent

Best-in-class Talent

OnDefend only hires team members with a minimum of seven years of applied experience, which produces non-invasive, low touch and high-quality engagements.

Premium Results

Premium Results

The deliverable is all that matters. OnDefend clients receive testing and consulting reporting that not only provides the direction they need to remediate, but also various options to do so based on their specific environment. Additionally, OnDefend provides the tools the partner needs to successfully manage remediation if such tools do not already exist.

Complete Flexibility

Complete Flexibility

Because OnDefend has developed the technology to successfully provide services remotely, all logistical issues and invasive concerns of the client can be alleviated.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

OnDefend has built itself to provide itself to perform security services efficiently and effectively. These include same day proposal generation, remote service capabilities, automated internal processes and real-time results portal access, all of which have streamlined OnDefend to save clients’ money and increase channel partner margin.l

Client Communication & Satisfaction

Client Communication & Satisfaction

Sometimes the difference between a perceived successful or failed project can be how you interact with your client and their team. Communication is critical and responsiveness to concerns is paramount. OnDefend’s seasoned security team knows how to interact not only with C-level stakeholders, but also with security teams on the ground. Because we have been security attackers and defenders, OnDefend team members have a very strong understanding of the Big Picture for the organization and what the outcome of our service needs to be to provide real value.

Quick Proposal Turnaround

Quick Proposal Turnaround

Unfortunately, many security projects take a great deal of time to quote. This time lapse is often the difference between winning and losing a project. OnDefend has built algorithms for quick project quoting and can provide project proposals well within 24 hours so their channel partners can win projects.

OnDefend’s results are unparalleled in the industry with full remediation recommendations provided in our innovative cloud-based dashboard called V-manage


OnDefend’s Partner Program enables our reseller partners to provide the maximum value to themselves and their clients. We provide competitive margins, technical support, and sales and marketing tools to ensure OnDefend and our partners succeed together.


OnDefend provides consultants a referral program that allows them to focus on understanding customer needs and deliver consulting services in their area of expertise.

Service Providers

Service Providers including data center providers, MSP’s and others wish to offer their customers additional security services and solutions and OnDefend is the perfect plug-&-play partner for these needs.


OnDefend works with distributors in the US and internationally. We understand the commitment required to support a distribution model and provide a robust program including support, deal registration, and marketing.

Partner Portal

All of our partners have access to sales and marketing tools.

Sales Materials

Includes presentation and other marketing materials.


Provides access to our team for questions and sales assistance.

Training Materials

Includes corporate cyber security risk facts and overviews of our security services.

Quick Quote

Allows for quick estimates of our security services from a smartphone that you can directly email to your clients.

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We hold our partners trust paramount and therefore provide full client confidentiality privileges as well as other protections to create a strong foundation for a long-term and successful relationship.