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We empower security providers to meet market demand through our innovative and proprietary solutions as well as our private-labeled security services.

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OnDefend is the premier provider of proprietary cutting-edge technologies and private-labeled security services to security consulting firms, managed security providers and value-added resellers throughout the US and around the world.

How We Add Value To Your Security Firm


Security Products

OnDefend develops patented, cutting-edge cyber security products that empower information security providers to better protect their clients.

Security Partners Include:


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How Our Products Add Value to Your Firm

Your Cyber Security Solutions

Exclusive Solutions

All OnDefend security products are completely unique and patented solutions that represent the next generation in security by filling security coverage gaps that don’t exist in the market.
Your Cyber Security Solutions

Create Additional Revenue Streams

Our proprietary solutions create recurring revenue opportunities that previously did not exist.
Your Cyber Security Solutions

Our Products = Your Upsales

Each OnDefend solution creates opportunities to upsell service and product upsales that are already part of your offering.
Your Cyber Security Solutions

Separate from the Competition

Because our patented solutions are completely unique and needed in the market, you can now offer your existing and potential clients something that your competition cannot.
Your Cyber Security Solutions

Get CISO’s Attention

All OnDefend products were created by CISO’s requests, therefore filling a security hole that keeps them up at night.
Your Cyber Security Solutions

Stay Sticky

Our products not only fill in engagement gaps that you may have throughout the year with your clients, but also become relied upon by your clients, making it hard for them to switch to a competitor.
Your Cyber Security Solutions

Save Resources & Money

Our security solutions create efficiencies in things like purple teaming and managed email security thereby creating an ROI simply by using them.

Private-Labeled Security Services

OnDefend has become the premier private-labeled security partner across the US and around the world.

How We Can Help You:

Extend Your Bandwidth

Information security demand is at an all-time high and finding seasoned security professionals is harder than ever. We can support your client needs “On Demand” and under your brand so that you never run out of bench strength.

Supplement Your Full-Time Team

We can supplement and even replace certain security team members so that we act as your internal team. Our clients are seeing the same ROI from our private-labeled outsourcing as they would from an internal employee, with none of the risk.

Add Service Division

Do we provide certain services that you do not. If so, we can add an entire private-labeled service line to your offering. If you do not currently provide a cyber security offering, we can tilt up a cyber division in your name.

Why Partner With Us:

We Protect Your Brand

Our first priority is to protect your brand. You name is everything in this industry and whenever we represent your company, we make sure that we elevate your brand in every activity we are involved in.

Incident Response Readiness Assessment
Advanced Email Phishing Testing & Training

Best-in-class Talent

OnDefend only hires team members with a minimum of seven years of applied experience, which produces non-invasive, low touch and high-quality engagements.

National/International Team

Our team services partner clients across the US and around the world. Additionally, we can provide all reporting and correspondence in the language your clients needs.

Compliance Consulting
Cloud Security Services

Methodology Matching

Do you already have a testing or consulting methodology. No problem, our team will match how your provide your services step-for-step.

Premium Results

The deliverable is all that matters. OnDefend clients receive testing and consulting reporting that not only provides the direction they need to remediate, but also various options to do so based on their specific environment. Additionally, OnDefend provides the tools the partner needs to successfully manage remediation if such tools do not already exist.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Results How You Need Them

Our results system will match your existing result templates page for page. You just provide us a sample report and our reports will be identical. Also, if you have an existing reporting portal or tool, that is where we will report our findings.

We Help You Upsell

For many channel partners, services are the way to sell their solutions or additional services. We continually discuss our testing and consulting results with our partners to identify upsell opportunities can incorporate them into result reports or post-service collateral.

Virtual Chief

Complete Flexibility

Because OnDefend has developed the technology to successfully provide services remotely, all logistical issues and invasive concerns of the client can be alleviated.

Competitive Pricing

OnDefend has built itself to provide itself to perform security services efficiently and effectively. These include same day proposal generation, remote service capabilities, automated internal processes and real-time results portal access, all of which have streamlined OnDefend to save clients’ money and increase channel partner margin.

Security Project Consulting
Companies We Serve

Substantial Partner Margins

Because our pricing to our partners is so competitive, the margins that our partners can mark-up our services up ranges from 30%-70% depending on the market they are serving.

Client Communication & Satisfaction

Communication is critical and responsiveness to client concerns is paramount. OnDefend’s seasoned security team knows how to interact not only with C-level stakeholders, but also with security teams on the ground. Because we have been security attackers and defenders, OnDefend team members have a very strong understanding of the Big Picture for the organization and what the outcome of our service needs to be to provide real value.

Vulnerability Management
Employee Training

Quick Proposal Turnaround

Unfortunately, many security projects take a great deal of time to quote. This time lapse is often the difference between winning and losing a project. OnDefend has built algorithms for quick project quoting and can provide project proposals well within 24 hours so their channel partners can win projects.

We Help You Sell

Many of our partners have us assist and sometimes completely run client scoping and sales calls. Our team is extremely affective in communication the service value so your client will engage.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
OnDefend - Industry Experts

Complete Partner Visibility

We provide all of our partners with our partner analytics portal which gives them complete visibility into where we are in the sales/scoping process, project status and results delivery.

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