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Security Services

Application & Cloud Services

Application Vulnerability Scanning

Advanced scanning for robust application defense.


This service thoroughly scans your applications for vulnerabilities, ensuring they are safeguarded against potential cyber threats. By utilizing advanced scanning techniques, we identify and report security weaknesses in your application infrastructure. This proactive approach helps in fortifying your applications against evolving cyber risks.

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Web Application Testing

Real-world attack simulation for web security.

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Our web application testing service evaluates the security of your web applications. We simulate real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to enhance your web application's security posture. This service is crucial for protecting your online presence against cyber threats.

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Mobile Application Testing

Comprehensive security for mobile environments.


We offer comprehensive testing of your mobile applications to identify security vulnerabilities. Our experts simulate various attack scenarios to ensure your mobile apps are robust and secure. This service helps you safeguard sensitive data accessed and stored on mobile devices.

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Desktop Application Testing

Ensuring desktop application integrity.

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Desktop application testing involves a thorough analysis of your desktop applications to detect security flaws. By simulating real-world attack scenarios, we identify vulnerabilities and provide strategies to mitigate them. This service ensures the security and integrity of your desktop applications.

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API Testing

Securing APIs for seamless software integration.


Our API testing service focuses on securing your application programming interfaces (APIs). We conduct rigorous testing to identify vulnerabilities in your APIs, ensuring they are secure and function as intended. This is vital for the seamless and secure integration of your software systems.

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Static Code Review

Enhancing code quality and security.

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Static code review involves examining the source code of your applications without executing them. We identify security vulnerabilities, coding errors, and compliance issues in your codebase. This service enhances the overall security and quality of your applications.

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Cloud Configuration Assessment

Maximizing cloud security and compliance.

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We assess your cloud configurations to ensure they are secure and compliant with industry standards. Our experts identify misconfigurations and security gaps, providing recommendations for improvement. This service is essential for maintaining the security of your cloud-based assets.

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SBOM Generation

Transparent security management for your software.

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SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) generation service provides a detailed inventory of all components in your software. We help you understand the composition of your software, including open-source and third-party components, enhancing transparency and security management.

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DevOps Security Consulting

Integrating security into your DevOps lifecycle.

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Our DevOps security consulting service integrates security practices into your DevOps lifecycle. We provide guidance on secure coding practices, automated security testing, and continuous monitoring. This service helps in building a secure and efficient DevOps environment.

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Security Services

Network & Infrastructure

Vulnerability Assessment & Management

Evaluations and Management to Reduce Cyber Risk Exposure


We conduct comprehensive assessments to identify vulnerabilities in your systems and networks. Our ongoing management ensures these vulnerabilities are promptly addressed, reducing your cyber risk exposure. This service is essential for maintaining a strong security posture.

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Network Penetration Testing

Proactive Simulation of Network Attacks to Strengthen Defenses


This service involves simulating an attack on your network to identify
vulnerabilities. We help you understand how an attacker could breach your network and provide recommendations to strengthen it. This proactive approach is crucial for securing your network infrastructure.

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Ransomware Defense Validation

Simulate Ransomware to Validate your Defenses in Depth


We safely simulate ransomware attacks using our proprietary BlindSPOT attack simulation tool, to test and validate that your defenses in depth are prepared for real world threats.

Ransomware Defense Validation
Security Monitoring Validation

Trust but Verify Your Security Provider is Protecting You.


We safely simulate real-world attacks on your organizations environment to confirm if/and or when your internal team or 3rd party provider responds.

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Red Team Testing

Security Exercises to Enhance Cyber Defense Mechanisms

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Red team testing involves a simulated attack by our experts to test your organization's defense mechanisms. This offensive security exercise helps in identifying
and addressing security vulnerabilities. It's a critical component of a comprehensive cyber defense strategy.

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Purple Teaming Exercises

Security Exercises for Defense Improvements

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Purple teaming exercises involve collaboration between your defensive (blue) and offensive (red) security teams. This collaborative approach provides a holistic view of your security posture, enhancing both detection and response capabilities. It's an effective way to test and improve your cyber defenses. This service is powered by
OnDefend’s proprietary BlindSPOT breach and attack simulation solution.

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Breach & Attack Simulations

Realistic Cyber Attack Simulations to Bolster Incident Response


We simulate realistic cyber attacks on your systems to test your organization's readiness and response capabilities. These simulations help in identifying weaknesses and improving your incident response strategies. This service is essential for preparing your organization against real cyber threats. This service is powered by OnDefend’s proprietary BlindSPOT breach and attack simulation solution.

Attack Simulations
Active Directory Assessment

Securing Active Directory Environments Against Cyber Threats


Our Active Directory assessment service evaluates the security of your Active Directory environment. We identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, offering recommendations for strengthening your directory services. This service is crucial for the security of your network and user management systems.

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IoT Device Testing

Ensuring the Security and Resilience of IoT Devices

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We test the security of your Internet of Things (IoT) devices to identify vulnerabilities. Our experts simulate attacks on IoT devices to ensure they are secure and resilient against cyber threats. This service is crucial for safeguarding your connected devices.

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Email Filter Testing

Evaluating Email Filtering Solutions Against Advanced Threats


Our email filter testing service evaluates the effectiveness of your email filtering solutions. We test your email systems against various spam and phishing attacks to ensure robust filtering capabilities. This service is key to protecting your organization from email-based threats.

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Wireless Configuration Assessment

Wireless Network Security to Prevent Unauthorized Access

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We assess your wireless network configurations to identify security vulnerabilities. Our experts provide recommendations to enhance the security of your
wireless networks, protecting them from unauthorized access and cyber attacks.

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Firewall Configuration Assessment

Network Protection Through Effective Firewall Configurations

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This service evaluates the effectiveness of your firewall configurations. We ensure your firewalls are properly configured to protect your network, identifying any vulnerabilities and providing solutions for improvement.

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VOIP Configuration Assessment

Securing VOIP Systems Against Cybersecurity Threats

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We assess the security of your Voice Over IP (VOIP) configurations. Our service ensures that your VOIP systems are secure and resilient against potential cyber threats, safeguarding your communications infrastructure.

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Compromise Assessment

Identifying and Remedying Potential Security Breaches

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Our compromise assessment service evaluates whether your systems have been breached. We identify signs of a compromise and provide strategies for remediation and strengthening your security posture. This service is essential for understanding and addressing potential breaches.

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Physical Security Testing

Protecting Physical Assets Through Security Measures

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Our physical security testing service evaluates the security of your physical premises. We assess potential vulnerabilities in your physical security measures and provide recommendations for improvement. This service is vital for protecting your physical assets and personnel.

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Security Services

Organizational Readiness

Risk Assessment

Prioritize and Mitigate Cyber Risks Effectively

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We conduct thorough risk assessments to identify and evaluate the cyber risks facing your organization. This service helps in prioritizing risks and implementing effective mitigation strategies, essential for your cybersecurity strategy.

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Tabletop Exercises (option w/ Attack Simulation)

Enhance Incident Response with Scenario-Based Training


Our tabletop exercises, with an option for attack simulation, help in testing and improving your organization’s response to cyber incidents. These exercises provide a practical, scenario-based approach to enhancing your incident response plans and team readiness. This service can be powered by OnDefend’s proprietary BlindSPOT breach and attack simulation solution if a production network attack simulation is included with the service.

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Incident Response Plan Development

Tailored Plans for Effective Cyber Incident Management


We assist in developing comprehensive incident response plans tailored to your organization. This service ensures you are prepared to effectively manage and mitigate the impacts of cyber incidents, minimizing operational disruptions.

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Policy & Procedure Development

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Governance Framework


Our service involves developing or refining your cybersecurity policies and procedures. We ensure they are aligned with best practices and regulatory requirements, essential for maintaining a robust cybersecurity governance framework.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Assessment

Ensure Resilience of Operations During Cyber Incidents


We assess your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Our service ensures these plans are effective and resilient, critical for maintaining operations during and after a cyber incident.

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Security Tool Assessment

Optimize Your Cybersecurity Tools for Maximum Protection


Our security tool assessment evaluates the effectiveness of your cyber security tools. We ensure your tools are properly configured and optimized to protect your digital assets, an essential part of your cybersecurity infrastructure.

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Phishing, Smishing & Vishing

Defend Against Deceptive Cyber Threats with Targeted Training


We offer testing and training services to defend against phishing (email-based), smishing (SMS-based), and vishing (voice call-based) attacks. These services increase awareness and readiness among your employees, reducing the risk of falling victim to these common cyber threats.

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Security Services


Fractional CISO

Strategic Security Leadership Tailored to Your Needs


Our fractional CISO service provides you with experienced Chief
Information Security Officer expertise on a part-time or temporary basis. This service is ideal for organizations needing strategic security leadership without the full-time cost, helping you develop and manage your cybersecurity strategy.

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Data Classification & Privacy Consulting

Enhance Data Handling and Privacy Compliance


This service assists you in classifying your data and developing robust privacy practices. We ensure your data handling procedures comply with legal and regulatory requirements, protecting sensitive information and maintaining customer trust.

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Compliance Consulting

Navigate Cybersecurity Regulations with Expert Guidance

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Our compliance consulting service helps you navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity regulations and standards. We provide guidance and strategies to ensure your organization complies with relevant cybersecurity laws and industry standards including NIST, ISO 27001, SOC 2, CMMC, PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, and more.

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