Discover Your Security Control Blind Spots

BlindSPOT simulates emerging cyber threats to identify security tool misconfigurations, control changes, alerting delays and other exploitable security control coverage gaps.

Attack Simulations

Safely emulate real-world threat actor tactics and techniques.

Control Validation

Visualize the effectiveness of your technical security controls.

Attack Customization

Build custom attack chains to exercise your tradecraft expertise.

Value Demonstration

Demonstrate your security tool value or investment needs.

How It Works

Simulate Attacks

Safely execute attack activities on your production network environments for consistent and realistic practice against adversaries.

Security Tool Response

Comprehensively review your security tools' response to attack activity, identifying detection and alerting successes and failures.

Visualize Controls

End-to-end visualizations of MITRE attack activities, security tool telemetry, and security control outcomes.

Actionable Reporting

Your automated and customizable report visualizes your security coverage successes and gaps, along with a prioritization of remediation recommendations.

Our Partner

Value Delivered

Get Operational Assurance

Get visibility into tool effectiveness and identify when non-security teams adversely affect your security controls.

Comprehensive Reporting

Automated, customizable and actionable reporting seamlessly enables your team to deliver successful outcomes.

Value to Executives

Executive reporting clearly visualizes your security successes or investments needs in a way they can understand and value.

Product or Managed Service

BlindSPOT can be provided as a stand-alone product or as a fully managed service by our professional team.

Our mission
Find Your Security Tool Coverage Gaps Before They Are Exploited

With Attack Simulations, your team is empowered to regularly practice, tune tools and create advanced alerting rules to detect real-world attack activity.

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Ready to automatically exercise and validate your detection and alerting rules every day, check out our Alert Validation page.


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