Our mission
We empower the information security industry through our technological innovations and daily execution.

Our mission is to help our partners expand their capabilities to meet market demand so they can secure our world.

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You Asked For It, So We Provide It – For You.


We are a group of security professionals that support consulting, managed security, incident response, and other security firms. We listened to what you needed and made it our mission to provide it.

  • Security Consulting Firm

    Focused on providing preventative security testing and consulting services to direct clients.

  • Private-Labeled Security Force

    Asked by a national security firm to provide private-labeled security services on behalf of them to their clients.

  • National Footprint

    Scaled security force to services partners throughout the United States.

  • International Footprint

    International partnerships formed and scaled our security force to serve their clients’ needs around the world.

  • Building Tools that Solve Problems

    We built security tools in our customer's environments guided by their direction to solve their unsolved problems.

  • Conversion to Software Company

    Our tools became commercial products and due to the demand, we became a software company that provides private-labeled product support.

  • Products for Partners

    We recognized that our products enabled our security partner's service offerings, so we focused all design on supporting that.

  • Partner Only Provider

    OnDefend becomes a channel partner-focused company whose mission is to support our partner's mission.

  • Now & Beyond

    We are and will continue to develop novel and needed security solutions to help our partners secure our world.

Our Culture

How We Do What We Do

We are an organization that believes in inspiration, curiosity, and enthusiasm to create new technological innovations that the world needs.

We believe in what we do and are passionate about solving problems in our industry. We deliver these solutions to the world and we are committed to enabling and supporting our partners who can make it so.

Who We Are & What We Represent


All OnDefend team members align with our following core values:

  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Humility
  • Motivation
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
Partner Commitment

What You Can Count On From Us


We are committed to delivering our proprietary security solutions and private-labeled support to expand our partner's security offerings and help them meet market demand.


Consistent and effective communication with our partners is how we generate full transparency, trust, and sustained success.


We champion collaboration with our partners to discover new and innovative ways to help them service their clients.


We are committed to solving problems in our industry that have not been solved and provide a strategic advantage to our partners.


We are committed to delivering security products and support that meet our partner's requirements and exceed their expectations.


We are responsible for what we provide to our partners and are therefore accountable to them to honor and deliver on our commitments.


We believe in integrity and honesty in all our interactions including putting ourselves in our partner's shoes to better support them.


We are passionate about what we do which motivates us not to just “check the box”, but think outside of the box and go the extra mile for our partners.


Meet the “OnDefenders”

Chris Freedman
CEO / Co-Founder

My mission is to make sure we deliver proprietary and innovative products as well as unparalleled customer support to help ensure our partners meet market demand, grow their firms, and secure our world.

Chris Freedman
Ben Finke
CTO / Co-Founder

My mission is to listen to our partners and innovate next-generation technologies that help them secure their clients and level the playing field against real-world adversaries.

Ben Finke
Billy Steeghs

My mission is to optimize our operations so we can meet our partner's needs enabling them to meet their mission.

Billy Steeghs
Mike McDermott
Director of Software Engineering

My mission is to turn product vision into software reality, making every product we offer easy to deploy, simple to use, and scalable for our partners around the world.

Mike McDermott
Zac Hardy
Director of Customer Delivery

My mission is to ensure all projects and product deployments are efficient and effective to achieve continuous partner satisfaction and enable customer success.

Zac Hardy
Lauren Verno
Vice President, Marketing & Communications

My mission is to communicate the purpose of our corporate mission and to help our partners realize their full potential by utilizing OnDefend’s proprietary solutions and private-labeled support.

Lauren Verno
Mike Bittner
Chief Legal Counsel

My mission is to protect OnDefend and its partners from unnecessary liability to help all parties realize optimal and mutual success.

Mike Bittner

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