BlindSPOT Newsletter: February 2024

February 12, 2024

A note from the CTO – Ben Finke

Our goal is to build tools that let you test your security controls – quickly, thoroughly, and safely.  Most of what we execute via BlindSPOT is intended to look just like malicious activity. After all, that’s our purpose here (excluding the actual nasty impact). In some ways, we find ourselves facing similar problems that real threat actors probably do (although we certainly don’t sympathize with them). In this newsletter, we will share some recent updates to the platform that are designed to make it easier for you to leverage BlindSPOT as part of your processes, including testing tools, detections, and the teams’ ability to use those tools.

By the way, if you couldn’t make it to our recent webinar featuring CISA supervisory agent Kirby Wedekind, FBI agent Paul Magnusson, and myself, I highly recommend checking it out. We delved deep into the major threats of the year, covering everything from prevention to response strategies and available resources. You can catch it all here: CISA Year In Review: A deep dive into the biggest threats, an outlook into the new year and how to prepare. > OnDefend

Alert Validation – Crowdstrike Falcon Beta!

In our last newsletter, we announced that our new Alert Validation feature was live for Microsoft Defender and Sentinel. Today, I am thrilled to announce that we have added CrowdStrike Falcon to that list (in Beta). With this integration, you can automatically exercise Crowdstrike Falcon detection and alerting, without any manual intervention from your team, and be alerted when an issue occurs. Alert Validation is an excellent way to put a detection into “maintenance” mode, allowing you to use the Attack Simulation tools to identify more gaps and blind spots in your detection program.

Test Plans

If you need to run the same set of campaigns across a large group of endpoints, Test Plans will save you time and make the setup easier. Test Plans allow you to configure the specific campaigns you want to run, create a project, and simply select the endpoints to include. Test Plans will take care of building out all the individual campaigns for you.

New Simulation – Alert Validation Monitoring

If you want to run a campaign that triggers numerous alarms from a wide variety of techniques, check out our new simulation, Security Monitoring Validation v1.0. Inspired by various reports of the Top 10 TTPs used by attackers, this simulation covers a variety of techniques and procedures in a single simulation.

Sneak Peek into the Dev Channel

Here are some exciting projects we are cooking up in the lab that we will be able to share with you shortly:

  • BlindSPOT Satellite – a purpose-built system to serve as a target for exfiltration, Command and Control, and File Downloads – letting you change the Internet facing target and expand the ability to test your network perimeter systems.
  • Attack Simulation AutoScoringSoon to be released for both Microsoft Defender and Crowdstrike Falcon – with more tools on the way.
  • SentinelOne Alert Validation – yep, will have it in the lineup shortly.

One Last Thing….

We have been thrilled to see the simulations our users have been creating in the sim builder, and we are working on a way to let the BlindSPOT community share some of this incredible tradecraft and simulations (if you choose to share it). Thank you for using BlindSPOT as the platform to help you with your security testing work, and we look forward to continuing to build features that make this platform easier and more capable for you!

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