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CISA Year In Review: A deep dive into the biggest threats, an outlook into the new year and how to prepare.
January 22, 2024

Analyze the biggest trends, threats, and targeted industries in 2023. Discover why these threats topped the list and learn steps organizations can take to prevent and respond to attacks in 2024.

A Note from the CEO
January 2, 2024

OnDefend CEO Chris Freedman shares his thoughts ahead of the new year.

Cybersecurity Horror Stories
October 30, 2023

We asked cybersecurity leaders one question, "tell me a cybersecurity horror story".

Don’t Take it from Us, Hear It from Your Peer
October 25, 2023

Trust but verify your security provider is protecting you.

Visualizing the Power of BlindSPOT
September 8, 2023

Trust but verify your security tools are working through BlindSPOT.

Three CISO Problems Solved: Demonstrating Your Security Programs Value to Leadership
July 5, 2023

Solving three defense readiness questions every security leader should be able to answer.

An Introduction to Threat-Hunting
June 22, 2023 By Joe Brinkley, OnDefend Resident Hacker

Threat-hunting is a proactive method of identifying and mitigating potential cyber threats that may have circumvented traditional security measures.

Cybersecurity: A Business Problem, Not Just a Technical One
May 22, 2023 By Billy Steeghs, OnDefend COO

Unlike IT issues, which can often be resolved with technical solutions, cybersecurity requires a comprehensive approach that involves understanding, managing, and mitigating risks.

Threat-Informed Pentesting: Preparing for Threats Targeting Your Industry
April 19, 2023

The best way to win the war against cyber criminals is by testing your organizations defenses against real-world threats.

Visualizing the Power of Threat-Informed Pentesting & Threats Targeting Your Industry
April 11, 2023

This isn't going to be a traditional year, don't limit yourself to a traditional pentest.


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