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An Introduction to Threat-Hunting
June 22, 2023 By Joe Brinkley, OnDefend Resident Hacker

Threat-hunting is a proactive method of identifying and mitigating potential cyber threats that may have circumvented traditional security measures.

Cybersecurity: A Business Problem, Not Just a Technical One
May 22, 2023 By Billy Steeghs, OnDefend COO

Unlike IT issues, which can often be resolved with technical solutions, cybersecurity requires a comprehensive approach that involves understanding, managing, and mitigating risks.

Visualizing the Power of Threat-Informed Pentesting & Threats Targeting Your Industry
April 11, 2023

This isn't going to be a traditional year, don't limit yourself to a traditional pentest.

6 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Cybersecurity Statistic on Cyber Monday
November 28, 2022

Cyber criminals only need you to click on one bad link to create havoc.

Cyber Alert: Spear-phishing campaigns target government agencies
November 10, 2022

Government contractors, beware!

Jacksonville companies on alert after latest string of cyber attacks
June 4, 2021 By News4Jax

This follows a warning from the White House urging all companies to take steps and defend against ransomware attacks.


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