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    > CISA Year In Review: A deep dive into the biggest threats, an outlook into the new year and how to prepare.


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CISA Year In Review: A deep dive into the biggest threats, an outlook into the new year and how to prepare.

January 22, 2024

The newly released 2023 CISA year in review is out and we’re taking a deep dive into the biggest threats, an outlook on the forecasted trends for this year, and a discussion into whether these trends are inevitable or solvable.


Join CISA supervisory protective security advisor Kirby Wedekind, FBI supervisory agent Paul Magnusson, and OnDefend CTO Ben Finke for this interactive discussion where they’ll:

  • Analyze the biggest trends, threats, and industries targeted in 2023.
  • Explain why they believe these threats topped the list.
  • Delve into steps organizations can take to prevent an attack and what to do if they are attacked, including analysis and forensics.
  • Compliance, regulations, and reporting- what is that going to look like in the new year?
  • Reveal the common patterns discovered within organizations after a breach.
  • Look forward to 2024 and how to develop an IR plan for the new year.

You can watch the full recording now:


Ben Finke, OnDefend Co-Founder/CTO

Ben Finke has almost 2 decades worth of experience in cybersecurity, starting as a communication officer in the U.S. Air Force. Over the course of his career Ben worked with organizations ranging from government agencies to fortune 500 companies including, being embedded in development teams in SaaS companies, overseeing a red team for testing critical infrastructure systems, and running the security practice for a managed security provider. In 2016, Ben Co-founded OnDefend where he currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer. Ben also is the creator of BlindSpot, a purple team testing automation tool. Ben has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Florida State University.

Kirby Wedekind, CISA Supervisory Advisor Protective Security Advisor

Kirby Wedekind serves as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Supervisory Protective Security Advisor in northeast Florida. Based in Jacksonville, his duties include serving as a liaison from CISA to local government agencies and private industry; fostering community awareness on security topics ranging from cybersecurity to active shooter preparedness; conducting vulnerability assessments of critical infrastructure; and sharing security-related information with communities of interest across northeast Florida. Dr. Wedekind supervises the Protective Security Advisors in North Carolina and South Carolina. 

Paul Magnusson, FBI Supervisory Agent

Paul Magnusson serves as a Supervisory Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Jacksonville, Florida. SSA Magnusson started his law enforcement career in 1998 as a Deputy Sheriff with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan, where he led all cyber investigations and computer forensics examinations. In 2005, Magnusson entered on duty with the FBI as a Special Agent assigned to the Minneapolis Division Cybercrimes Task Force and became a member of the FBI Computer Analysis Response Team, conducting computer forensics examinations. In 2008, he was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent of the Tactical Operations Section within the FBI Operational Technology Division. In 2018, SSA Magnusson transferred to the FBI Jacksonville Division, where he has managed various programs, including the National Security and Criminal Cyber, Computer Forensics, Surveillance, Aviation, Electronic Technicians, and Technically Trained Agent programs. SSA Magnusson earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Masters in Information Security & Technology from Eastern Michigan University.

About OnDefend

OnDefend, established in 2016, stands at the forefront of preventative cybersecurity testing and advisory services, a reputation further enhanced by the introduction of its advanced Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, BlindSPOT. OnDefend is a trusted partner, empowering organizations globally to proactively combat real-world threats. From ensuring compliance with industry standards to building out mature security programs our mission is to ensure that the security resources our customers invest in are well-utilized, effective, and provide tangible results.


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