Three CISO Problems Solved: Demonstrating Your Security Programs Value to Leadership

July 5, 2023

Security leaders deserve to be equipped with answers when their C-suite or Board of Directors ask questions.

How is that traditionally done? Investing in best-in-class security tools, hiring seasoned team members, and implementing policies to harden their environment from threats. All necessary, but you need reassurance it will all work when that inevitable attack comes.

Cybersecurity executive/former CISO Todd Salmon and OnDefend CEO/co-founder Chris Freedman identifies and solve three defense readiness questions every security leader should be able to answer, in a way that even the most non-technical stakeholders can understand, visualize, and value:

  1. Are we prepared for threats targeting our industry?
    • We’ll reveal why organizations are unknowingly not preparing for these specific threats and how to prove your organizations readiness within 24 hours of leadership asking.
  2. Are the security controls we invest in working and worth it?
    • Learn why security tools have consistent blind spots and how to prove their effectiveness all year long.
  3. Can we effectively respond to a real-world cyber breach?
    • Bring your tabletop exercises to the 21st century by safely simulating real-world cyber attacks to prove your organization is resilient.

Speakers Information:

Todd Salmon, Former CISO/Cybersecurity Executive 

Todd Salmon is a tenured cybersecurity executive with a multitude of experience leading professional services organizations focused on information security and technology, spanning all the vertical markets. Todd’s prior experience includes having served as the Chief Information Security Officer for one of the largest global technology distributors in the world. In this role he had worldwide responsibility for the organization’s entire information security program to include Security Engineering & Operations, Policy & Procedure, Compliance and Physical Security.

Chris Freedman, OnDefend Co-Founder/CEO

Chris is a highly accomplished business leader with a diverse background in diplomacy, business, and philanthropy. Chris began his career serving as a diplomat with the Atlantic Treaty Association and founding a regional real-estate development firm. He continued his career by founding and managing various corporations in the U.S. including, MyBenefitsLab, a national online provider of diagnostic testing with the nation’s largest laboratories and national physician’s network. In 2016, Chris Co-Founded OnDefend, an international cyber security firm, where he currently serves as the CEO. Civically, Chris has also served several charitable organizations, including Best Buddies Jacksonville and the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida. Chris graduated with the highest honors from the University of Florida.

About OnDefend

OnDefend, established in 2016, stands at the forefront of preventative cybersecurity testing and advisory services, a reputation further enhanced by the introduction of its advanced Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, BlindSPOT. OnDefend is a trusted partner, empowering organizations globally to proactively combat real-world threats. From ensuring compliance with industry standards to building out mature security programs our mission is to ensure that the security resources our customers invest in are well-utilized, effective, and provide tangible results. For more information about their services and solutions, please visit


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