Stop Cyber Attacks
Before They Happen

We prevent corporate cyber attacks before they happen by strengthening our client’s IT security posture through cyber security testing, consulting and remediation management solutions.

Our Mission

To protect our clients from successful cyber-attacks by providing the testing and tools they need to decrease their vulnerable IT surface area thereby improving their overall security posture.

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Secure Your Future

The average consolidated total cost of a corporate data breach grew from $3.8 million to $4 million last year alone.

1.5 Million

Attacks Every Year


Attacks Every Day

Nearly 3

Attacks Every Minute

Don’t become just another number. Let us uncover your vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.

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Strengthen Your Security Posture

OnDefend strengthens its client’s security posture by providing the preventative security testing, consulting and vulnerability management tools they need to reduce their risk and move up the security maturity curve.

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Prioritize, Track and Remediate Your System’s Vulnerabilities
With OnDefend VManage

OnDefend provides its clients with unparalleled results reporting as well as OnDefend Vulnerability Management (VManage) which is our complimentary cloud based vulnerability management system that streamlines remediation and better guarantees a stronger corporate security posture.


OnDefend VManage Can Help You:

  • Centrally Manage Your Vulnerabilities

    Centrally view all your test results and manage remediation within one organization or across multiple organizations.

  • Assign Remediation Tasks

    Group and assign prioritized issues to specific team members and then manage their remediation efforts real time.

  • Manage Remediation Teams

    Macro or micro manage your remediation projects and team members keeping your security projects within required budgets and timeframes.

  • Report to Stakeholders

    Use our security dashboards interactive graphics to effectively communicate your organizations risk and overall security posture to executives and compliance auditors.

    And More...

Our Testimonial Is Our
Clients’ Successful Cyber Defense

We provide security services directly to companies across the United States and the World. Our Client’s sizes range from Fortune 500 to mid-sized regiional companies.

All OnDefend security services and vulnerability management tools seamlessly integrate into our clients existing environment and organization helping them increase their security testing bandwidth as well as their remediation management capabilities.

Don’t Worry,
We Play Well With Others.

OnDefend can deliver it’s security services and products through strategic partnerships with other service providers, including a full private label. We help our strategic partners round off, supplement and scale their current security offerings to meet increasing market demand.

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Our Experts. Your Tech Team. Let’s Mingle.

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We’ve Got The Best Working For Us.
Let Us Work For You.

OnDefend has a combined 40 years of executive information technology and cyber security experience with a team of over 150 highly skilled and seasoned security professionals. By merging several IT and security companies, OnDefend is quickly becoming a global leader in the information security service industry.

Assign Your Teams to Address Vulnerabilities
With OnDefend VManage.

OnDefend VManage is a revolutionary interactive platform that allows management and remediation teams to effectively communicate and remediate with unparalleled efficiency while also providing management the comprehensive graphics and analytics that executives need to understand the big picture.

We’re All About Teamwork

Want to Join Our Team?

OnDefend is always looking for talented security testers. You can work for us onsite or remotely and as a full time or part time resource. We will find the optimal condition that will allow you to deliver your very best testing.

Discover Your Vulnerabilities
Before Someone Else Does

Take the initiative and defend your company against cyber attacks before they happen using OnDefend’s preemptive cyber defense solutions