Security Bg

Validating Your Defenses In Depth


We prove your email gateway is preventing phishing attacks.


We verify your tools can detect real-world attack activity.


We confirm your monitoring team will effectively respond to an incident.


How It Works

We simulate ransomware phishing tactics and techniques to test the strength of your email filter rules and prove whether malicious emails will reach your employees’ inboxes.

Our team safely emulates real-world ransomware attacks on your production endpoints to test and validate the effectiveness of your security detection tools.

We test and measure your internal security team and/or outsourced managed security provider’s (MSSP’s) ability to respond to ransomware events in real-time.


7 out of 10 assessments discover exploitable gaps in ransomware prevention.

Security Bg

Value Delivered. Every Day

  • Validate your security controls effectiveness
  • Demonstrate ransomware preparedness to stakeholders
  • Justify spend for defensive investments with supporting data
  • Prove the need for additional defensive budget

A Solution Designed to Test Your Defenses in Depth

Ransomware Defense Validation

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