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Validating Your Defenses In Depth


We prove your email gateway is preventing phishing attacks.


We verify your tools can detect real-world cyber attack activity.


We confirm your monitoring team will effectively respond to an incident.


How It Works

Email Gateway Validation: We simulate ransomware phishing tactics and techniques to test the strength of your email filter rules and prove whether malicious emails will reach your employees’ inboxes.

Endpoint Security Validation: Our team safely emulates real-world ransomware attacks on your production endpoints to test and validate the effectiveness of your security detection tools.

Security Monitoring Validation: We test and measure your internal security team and/or outsourced managed security provider’s (MSSP’s) ability to respond to ransomware events in real-time.


7 out of 10 assessments discover exploitable gaps in ransomware prevention.

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Actionable Outcomes & Value

  • Operational assurance your defenses are working.
  • Demonstrate ransomware preparedness to stakeholders.
  • Justify spend for defensive investments with supporting data.
  • Prove the need for additional defensive budget.
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Powered By Our Team and BlindSPOT

Our team of professional red teamers utilize BlindSPOT to simulate real-world attack activity in your production environment and offer remediation recommendation and consulting after an exercise.

About BlindSPOT: BlindSPOT is a global breach and attack simulation solution that safely simulates real-world cyber attacks and verifies an organization’s defensive investments are working.


Security Bg

What Our Clients Say

“It’s something I really wish I would have invested in years ago, because in my 22 years in IT. Now, for percentage points of my defensive security spend, I can get ongoing validation it is working and worth the investment.”

Ryan, CISO

“I used to have limited insight into whether my technical security controls we’re working, now I have full visibility and reassurance on a continual basis.”

Financial CIO

“You’ll be surprised by what they’re going to reveal, I promise that. But, I can say now I sleep a hell of a lot better.”

Healthcare CISO

Trust but verify your security defenses are working for you.

Ransomware Defense Validation

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