OnDefend Newsletter: Edition 1

March 13, 2023 By Lauren Verno, Vice President of Communications

OnDefend Company Newsletter: Creating a Culture of Understanding and Solutions

Have you ever heard the phrase, the days are long but the months are short? That is the only way I know how to describe the first few months of 2023. Between launching a new set of featured services, rolling out more BlindSPOT updates, and keeping up with the news, it has been a rollercoaster for our company. Which is why we are launching this newsletter, to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on with OnDefend and the latest cybersecurity trends. So, before I bore you to death with anymore long winded metaphors, let’s go ahead and get started.

Better Together

OnDefend is proud to call ourselves a partner first company. While we can’t name every company who private-labels our services we are excited to announce some recent partnerships, including PlexTrac. Check out our most recent webinar with PlexTrac CEO Dan Decloss & OnDefend CTO Ben Finke.

Learn More: OnDefend Integrates with PlexTrac to Deliver Threat-Informed Pentest

Threat- Informed Pentest

Are you limiting yourself to a traditional pentest? Traditional pentests are great but they don’t always answer leaderships question “are we prepared for this specific threat actor that we read about in the news? TIP solves that problem. 

Learn More: Threat-Informed Pentesting: What Is It?

OnDefend In The News

It is always an honor to be recognized for achievements within your community. From being recognized for growth in the tech sector to Inno On Fire, there has been plenty of reasons to celebrate our companies success. Personally, I love the fact that one publication used our CEO’s picture and made him look like a character out of the hunger games.

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Bylines By Ben

We are proud to announce our CTO Ben Finke was accepted into the Forbes Technology Council. What does this mean? Forbes accepts members based on their background, experience, and achievements within tech. Ben was accepted into this elite group of leaders and innovators to share advice and write meaningful content which is shared across Forbes’s platform. Check out his first article, breaking down the basics of a supply chain attack. 

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CMMC Deadline

DoD contractors are required to become CMMC complaint by the end of May, but this process won’t happen over night. Our experts say your company needs 60-90 days to complete all requirements. Aka let us help you now!

Learn More: CMMC 2.0 Basics: The 101 of Getting Compliant 

BlindSPOT Updates

We are constantly working on new BlindSPOT features to make the platform as user friendly as possible. We believe in making these changes as easy and understandable as possible, so with that being said here are the latest BlindSPOT updates for 2023, so far…

BlindSPOT Updates: January Edition

Anybody else feel like we just scratched the surface? That’s because we did. Stay tuned for this bi-monthly newsletter, for all of OnDefends latest and greatest. In the meantime if you have any questions feel free to reach out at contact@ondefend.com. 


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