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OnDefend and ACI Learning Announce Promotional Agreement

June 22, 2021 By ACI Learning

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. and DENVER, Colo., June 22, 2021 — OnDefend, a leading provider of preemptive cyber defense solutions and consulting, has entered into a promotional agreement with ACI Learning, a rapidly-growing global training provider in the audit, cyber and IT learning space.

ACI Learning has a strong portfolio of audit, cyber, and IT learning solutions for enterprise, SMB, and consumer markets. This portfolio is complementary in the market to the offerings of OnDefend, which has a combined 40 years of applied experience in the security space. OnDefend has built proven security solutions to defend clients against continually evolving and persistent cyber adversaries throughout the US and around the world.

The agreement will include cross-promotional and educational events, courses, and exclusive offerings for clients of both organizations.

“OnDefend provides a crucial service to enterprises by helping them identify and mitigate vulnerabilities,” Brett Shively, CEO of ACI Learning, said. “Almost inevitably, training will be a part of that mitigation strategy, and the online, on-demand nature of the ACI On Demand platform can plug right in.”

“ACI Learning is a great fit with the services and proprietary solutions we provide,” Chris Freedman, CEO of OnDefend, said. “When we identify gaps in corporate information security, we also identify technical training opportunities for the client’s security team so that they can better defend their organization.”

Joint events, including webinar and podcast appearances, will begin in the coming weeks.

About ACI

ACI Learning delivers lifetime learning to over 250,000 engaged professionals and members across six continents. ACI Learning offers learning to professionals and the enterprises that rely upon them, with the choice of multi-modal delivery. Students can select from on-demand learning, online virtual instructor-led training, on-premise training, and live classroom learning at one of ACI’s six learning hubs across the U.S. ACI Learning is owned by Philadelphia-based Private Equity Firm, Boathouse Capital. Visit acilearning.com and boathousecapital.com to learn more.

About OnDefend

OnDefend helps companies prepare for and defend against real-world cyber adversaries by providing preventative information security services as well as its patented and proprietary cyber defense products. By working with companies ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to regional businesses, OnDefend helps strengthen the private and public sectors security posture against continually evolving and persistent cyber adversaries throughout the US and around the world. Visit ondefend.com to learn more.

Contact info: Gary Van Prooyen, gary.vanprooyen@acilearning.com, (630) 779-2828


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