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Threat-Informed Pentesting: Preparing for Threats Targeting Your Industry

April 19, 2023

Traditional pentesting is no longer enough. Leadership and board of directors hear about the latest cyber breaches and question if their security team is prepared for that specific threat actor targeting their industry. Not having a definitive answer is no longer acceptable.

The best way to win the war against these cyber criminals is by testing your organizations defenses against real-world threats. There’s no better way to do that then by emulating the tactics and techniques of these known adversaries on your real production network. Threat-informed pentesting (TIP) is the first step to covering these defenses.

TIP leverages global threat intelligence about specific emerging adversaries and one-to one tests your environment against their exact tactics and techniques. TIP can be catered to your specific environment to demonstrate your ability to detect and respond to entire attack chains. TIP is a versatile offering that can be added on to an existing pentest or as a stand-alone exercise to meet a company’s budget and security posture. This isn’t going to be a traditional year, don’t limit your company to a traditional pentest.

Join OnDefend CEO Chris Freedman and CTO Ben Finke for an expert crash-course on threat-informed pentesting. Throughout the cast — moderated by Emmy award winner Lauren Verno — you’ll learn:

  • What is threat-informed pentesting and its benefits compared to traditional pentesting techniques
  • How OnDefend executes TIP scenarios to emulate real-world threats, and how this approach can improve your organization’s security posture
  • Engagement options for threat-informed pentesting, and how to determine the best approach for your organization
  • How to answer leadership’s questions about threat actors targeting a specific industry, and how to prepare your organization for potential threats
  • Discover BlindSPOT technology and how it can help implement TIP in a continuous assessment strategy, providing ongoing visibility into your organization’s security posture

You can watch the full webinar here:


Ben Finke, OnDefend Co-Founder/CTO

Ben has almost 2 decades worth of experience in cybersecurity, starting as a communication officer in the U.S. Air Force. Over the course of his career Ben worked with organizations ranging from government agencies to fortune 500 companies including, being embedded in development teams in SaaS companies, overseeing a red team for testing critical infrastructure systems, and running the security practice for a managed security provider. In 2016, Ben Co-founded OnDefend where he currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer. Ben also is the creator of BlindSpot, a purple team testing automation tool. Ben has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Florida State University.

Chris Freedman, Co-Founder/CEO

Chris is a highly accomplished business leader with a diverse background in diplomacy, business, and philanthropy. Chris began his career serving as a diplomat with the Atlantic Treaty Association and founding a regional real-estate development firm. He continued his career by founding and managing various corporations in the U.S. including, MyBenefitsLab, a national online provider of diagnostic testing with the nation’s largest laboratories and national physician’s network. In 2016, Chris Co-Founded OnDefend, an international cyber security firm, where he currently serves as the CEO. Civically, Chris has also served several charitable organizations, including Best Buddies Jacksonville and the American Red Cross of Northeast Florida. Chris graduated with the highest honors from the University of Florida.

About OnDefend

OnDefend empowers the information security industry through its cutting-edge technological innovations and battle tested professional services team. By solving the problems that the cyber security industry has not solved, OnDefend has become a critical partner of security service firms and corporations throughout the US and around the world. Whether it’s their next generation SaaS offerings of BlindSPOT and Confirm4Me or their seasoned security team leveraged by partners to meet market service demand, OnDefend has enabled cyber security firms to extend their capacities and corporations to secure their future. 



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