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Security Monitoring Validation: We safely simulate ransomware, supply chain, and other adversarial tactics every month to prove your security provider or internal defense team will effectively detect, respond, and alert you to real- world cyber-attacks.

Special Alliance Offer: $2,000 one-time assessment.


How Security Monitoring Validation Works

Every month we safely simulate a real-world cyber-attack using our attack simulation tool, BlindSPOT.

You confirm if and or when your provider responds and notifies you.

You receive a comprehensive defense success or failure report.


5 out of 10 engagements result in an attack notification response delay or failure.

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Security Monitoring Validation & BlindSPOT

About BlindSPOT: BlindSPOT is a global breach and attack simulation solution that safely simulates real-world cyber attacks and verifies an organization’s defensive investments are working.

Unlike other BAS products who typically only serve Fortune 500 companies. BlindSPOT’s Security Monitoring Validation feature provides a way for enterprises, mid-market, and SMB’s to prove their internal network defense team or 3rd party MSP, MSSP, XDR or MDR provider is protecting their organization every month.

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Additional Services We Offer

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What Our Clients Say

“It’s something I really wish I would have invested in years ago, because in my 22 years in IT. Now, for percentage points of my defensive security spend, I can get ongoing validation it is working and worth the investment.”

Ryan, CISO

“I used to have limited insight into whether my technical security controls we’re working, now I have full visibility and reassurance on a continual basis.”

Financial CIO

“You’ll be surprised by what they’re going to reveal, I promise that. But, I can say now I sleep a hell of a lot better.”

Healthcare CISO

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Ransomware Attacks: How To Prove Your Customer's Sensitive Data Is Protected

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