Attack Simulation Services

We simulate attacks that quantify your security effectiveness and ensure that your controls are working as expected.


This testing simulates the type of attacks a determined adversary might execute against our clients. This attack is focused on testing not just the information systems that make up our client’s network, but also the ability of the client’s security team to detect and identify these activities.

This type of testing is critical to understanding the resiliency of your security program to defend against this type of attack, of your security team’s ability to detect and stop the attack in progress and understand where gaps and blind spots exist within the network.

Attack Simulations extend the traditional penetration test by assessing not just the security of the infrastructure, but the ability of your security team to identify and contain an active attack in the network. This provides your team with the opportunity to practice threat hunting and incident response techniques against.

How We Test
OnDefend Testing Steps
What You Get

Details on how each finding was identified and confirmed

Effective remediation recommendations

A full narrative of the engagement

Severity rankings

Detailed recommendations of additional detection strategies

Identification of effective controls that prevent attacks

We also provide Blue Team Workshops where our testers work with your team to improve their defensive skills and capabilities.

What We Do

Defensive Team Testing Effectiveness

Verify the effectiveness of your monitoring and incident response processes when facing a real world, persistent, sophisticated attack.

Prove Security Controls

Demonstrate the effectiveness of security controls so you can rely on your current security program.

Pinpoint Issues

This testing will show you of the vulnerability issue are tooling, training or misconfigurations.

Assess Your Defenses

Assess the maturity of the organization’s ability to detect and respond to real-world cyber attacks.

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