Application Security Testing Services

We simulate attacks on your applications to determine the available attack vectors, risks and results of a successful breach.


Modern web applications have transformed the way we companies deliver their services to their customer. Dozens of languages and frameworks exist that enable desktop-class experiences on virtually any device with a web browser, scalable to meet the demands of any enterprise. These web applications often provide access to extremely sensitive data and are accessible to anyone on the Internet. The sheer complexity of these web applications provides a vast attack surface, one which requires constant attention and testing to correctly secure.

How We Test
OnDefend Testing Steps
What You Get

Details on how each finding was identified and confirmed

Effective remediation recommendations

A full narrative of the engagement

Severity rankings

Detailed recommendations of additional detection strategies

Identification of effective controls that prevent attacks

We also provide Blue Team Workshops where our testers work with your team to improve their defensive skills and capabilities.

Your Trusted Testing Partner

Identify and Prioritize Risks

We discover and score your applications’ vulnerabilities that your developers can apply effectively and efficiently.

Proven Testing Team

All of our seasoned team of security testers have development backgrounds which allow them to think creatively and to locate application findings.

Efficient and Effective Approach

Our testers measure your application against the highest industry standards, validate findings and remove false positives.

Consistent and Reliable Partner

We provide full retesting on all remediated findings to make sure our tests have made your applications more secure.

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