Next Generation Ransomware Defense

Don’t depend on outdated ransomware defenses. Level the playing field against ransomware attacks today!

Ransomware is truly a cyber pandemic, but now that the US Department of Treasury no longer allows payment to certain ransomware adversaries, it can be devastating to your organization. Your organization may have certain security solutions in place, but they are no longer enough to prepare for and defend against real-world ransomware attack.

Your clients have two primary lines of defense against ransomware and here is why they fail:

Security Failure

Your Email Defenses FAIL!

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks impersonate trusted fellow employees, vendors and clients and are almost impossible to recognize.

  • Even though you have filter technology, it will not prevent professional BEC attacks from reaching your employee’s inbox.

  • Even though you may train your employees, professional BEC attacks appear legit and will inevitably persuade your employees to execute ransomware.

Security Failure

Your Security Tools FAIL!

  • You depend on your security tools to work as expected. How do you know they will actually detect and prevent a ransomware attack?

  • Penetration tests will not tell you if your organization can protect against the myriad of ransomware attack tactics used by professional cyber criminals.

  • Many security tools fail to stop real-world attacks due to misconfigurations or accidental control changes that happen throughout the year.

You can no longer depend on outdated defense tactics to stop professional ransomware attacks!

Our proprietary and patented Ransomware Defense package will help you flip the script on ransomware attacks and stop them in their tracks:


Confirm4Me: Phishing Attacks Made Obvious

  • BlindSPOT
    Alerts your employees to live ransomware BEC attacks in your email platform and right next to the email they are reading.

  • BlindSPOT
    Detects email spoofing, look-a-like domains, malicious links and malicious attachments that make it through your email filter.

  • BlindSPOT
    Prevents ransomware and malware execution, as well as credential harvesting and impersonation fraud.

  • BlindSPOT
    Auto-reports malicious emails to your security team rather than waiting for employees to report them.

Blind Spot

BlindSPOT: Ransomware Attack Simulator

  • BlindSPOT
    Continuously analyzes your existing endpoint security tools for misconfigurations and control weaknesses that allow ransomware to infect and spread.

  • BlindSPOT
    Identifies if you can prevent an attacker from executing code, collecting credentials, evading detection, maintaining persistence and accessing data.

  • BlindSPOT
    Simulates ransomware (and other cyber-attacks) against your endpoints to prove that your security tools will detect and prevent.

  • BlindSPOT
    Your BlindSPOT portal helps you track your ransomware risks, manage remediation and remove your ransomware weaknesses in real-time.

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